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. >>> this is 9news now. "this broadcast realtime captioned by becky lyon." >> this is america and this is 2009. and we are here to let everybody know that discrimination at this time is not going to be tolerated. >>> fed up. these members of the local gay and lesbian community say they will not take discrimination any more. i'm derek mcginty. anita brikman is off tonight. good evening. new tonight a lesbian couple says a silver spring business discriminated against them and tonight they are fighting back. silver springs diner is the type of business where everyone is always welcome. but these protestors insist that was not the case last week. two lesbian woman claim they were kicked out. >> ironically we were standing next to a hetrosexual couple. their public affection was a little more extreme. >> the message is it stops now. >> tonight they came back with friends and supporters who crowded into the diner to place their orders and mount what they call a kiss in. >> peaceful protest solely to show everybody deserves the same respect, the same treatment regardless of sex, color and especially
from central america lured to new york. one customer said he was alarmed at how silent the young girls were. he said they never talked. >> we know they are very, very pretty. they are quiet. they keep their mouths shut a lot. >> three people who managed the bars in question are charged with sex trafficking and forced labor. they are being held without bond and facing life in prison. >>> tonight all nine victims now accounted for. we are talking about saturday's mid-air collision between a small plane and a chopper. both aircraft fell into the hudson river right off manhattan and late today teams recovered the final two bodies and salvaged the first large piece of the damaged planes. investigators will now closely examine the wreckage and want to review the use of airspace before the crash. >> they will look at procedures, management of this space, the communications that go on in this space because we are here and don't want to see an accident like this happen again. >> saturday's crash killed all three pennsylvania residents on the plane and all five italian tourists and pilot on boar
coming up with the joint plan for them handling the cases during the upcoming north america flu season. >>> the healthcare reform debate is getting hotter and uglier. they were out on full force in the new community care center for the poor in north austin, texas. they are calling the legislation socialism and some have gone so far as to the group president. the obama area and hitler is the agenda. >>> i put the ward nazi on it because i believe the bill has seen the healthcare and i think that any time you decide that they are out there, it is a form of the selective breathing, they are uninformed. i think that they are afraid of what they don't know and what they don't understand. the republican parties, they are doing it best to promote that kind of ignorance. and the propaganda that keeps people in fear. >> well, if you think that it was heated there, then check out this scene at the healthcare town hall meeting in des moines, iowa this afternoon. >> it reads like something that was brought up in the early 1930s in germany. it is not good on this free country. >> a lot of the peopl
have no insurance at all. but those who fear more government control of medicine in america were skeptical and vocal to the end. >> but no one would be required to join the public option. people -- everyone is still free to purchase private insurance. >> reporter: moran then moved on to what he calls mix and scare tactics saying there is no provision for so-called death penalty doling out end of life care and no required health coverage for illegal immigrants. >> i'm sorry, but i can't even hear the governor and i'm sitting next to him. >> but the debate over whether abortion would be federally funded brought the meeting to a standstill when antiabortion activist had to be escorted out by police. >> once order was restored people shared worries whether lawmakers deciding these bills would be subject to the same changes as the rest of us. >> if it is so good for all of us can't you be on it with us. please. >> i am. i amp. >> representative moran said health care reform would cost roughly $100 million over ten years. paying for it he says it would be done with surcharges on the we
] >> reporter: tv ads like this one helped defeat gay marriage in america. >> we will fight for the voters of the district to have a voice. >> reporter: gay marriage can create widespread legal conflicts for individuals, small businesses and religious organization. >> they have used fear about gay people. they have told lies about gay people and children. >> reporter: pro--gay marriage groups in the district are very concerned. >> they have distorted the reality of who gay and lesbian families are. >> if it matters to us, it matters to the people. >> reporter: last year local churches rallied on the dc council to recognize same sex marriages. >> not on our watch. not on our watch. >> reporter: but a federal judge ruled that civil rights cannot be voted on. so now brown is promising to support an initiative to ban gay marriage here. >> the folks from outside of dc will come into the city and will try to divide the city along race and class lines. >> reporter: brown says if they're able to quash it at the local level, the next stop is here at capitol hill where congress has to ratify any new
. >> this is not the america i knew. i don't want it done his way. this administration is nuts. enough is enough. >> reporter: he leads democrats in recent polls, president obama will campaign with deeds thursday. >> democrats want to win virginia to show that obama and the agenda is popular, republicans want to win virginia in order to show they're on the rebound and on the come back trail. >> reporter: and we plan to cover the appearance with democrat deeds tomorrow night. >> wait and see for that. thank you. appreciate it. >>> i'm in the web center tonight with two sites designed to help you talk taxes with your state government. first the virginia department of taxation is launching a new live chat feature. it lets rose kepts ask tax questions or specifics about their own account. that chat will be active from 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. on weekdays and 8:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. on saturdays. in maryland, you have until monday to post your comments about gop comments about governor o mallly's plans to cut about $280 million in spending to help address budget woes in maryland. you can get links to both sites at w
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it is a wonderful example for not just america but for all of human kind. he cared deeply about people and he stood ready to help them. he was always the first to give way for his own interests to help others and to help others advance and to see that they were taken care of. >> sergeant care will be buried at arlington national cemetery. >>> a follow-up for you tonight on a bizarre house fire in leonard town last week. we first told you about this story last friday. police have arrested 22-year- old man. opal set fire to his mother's house after she kicked him out police say. he was found outside the burning home stabbing himself. >>> we also have an update for you now on a story we first told you about last night at 11:00 p.m. that car accident involving michael phelps. police say a woman ran a red light and hit michael phelps' cadillac in baltimore. police are citing michael phelps for driving with an expired out of state license. no one was hurt in that crash. >>> this sunday on 60 minutes michael vick sits down for his first interview since leaving prison. it was taped before the quarterback s
, an emotional tribute as the crowd sang god bless america. my home, sweet, home 9 news now, and >>> earlier today, senator ted kennedy's life was celebrated in a two-hour funeral mass. mourners from hollywood star jack nickelson to supreme court justin steven breyer packed the funeral. president barack obama, former presidents jimmy carter, george bush, and bill clinton sat in the pews with their wives. president barack obama gave the eulogy recalling the achievements of the lawmaker. >> i, like so many others in the city where he worked for nearly half a century, knew him as a colleague, a mentor, and above all, as a friend. ted kennedy was the baby of the family who became its patriarch. the restless dreamer who became its rock. >> senator kennedy's son ted also spoke about his father. at the grave site tonight cardinal mckerrick shared contents of a letter president kennedy wrote to the pope. the letter delivered by president barack obama in his recent trip to rome. in the letter he tells the pontiff that he's dying and that he would like the pontiff's prayers. but he said h
would really like to be the guy that brings osama bin laden's head home to america. >> reporter: livingstone says the cia practice of hiring contractors to carry out missions is not a new practice and he says it has been going on since the dawn of the agency and he says he and many current cia officers would like to see it done away with. >> he mr. livingstone may love barack obama but americans may be losing confidence in him. the "washington post" abc news survey finds less than half of americans, 49% say they now believe the president will make the right decisions for the country. the people say they are concerned over health care reform and are anxious about the growing federal budget deficit. >>> furious relatives of americans killed on board pan am 103 in ' 88 plan to mount a protest. moammar faffty will visit the united nations next month and they plan to be there to greet him. the scottish justice officials released a man because he is dying of cancer. >>> up next, topper is back with the weekend forecast and another look at the aftermath of today's storm rampage and ng
spoke with virginia senator mark warner today and he echoed the sentiments telling us america has lost a great leader in ted kennedy, a lawmaker who worked tirelessly to get things done. >> he was someone who fought for his principles, fought hard for what he believed in yet was willing at the same time to cross party lines and find that common ground. that example is staying true to what you believe in but willing to still find common ground is what we need more of in american politics. >> warner says he hopes republicans and democrats alike will honor kennedy by lowering the volume on the heated healthcare debate and reach for that common ground. >> as you might imagine the people of massachusetts have a lot to say about their native son and all day long they filed inside the john fkennedy presidential library and museum in boston to reflect and remember. >> he was for the rights of everybody. he was for the rights of disabled, for women's rights, the civil rights movement. >> i feel like for the first time i'm taking time out for teddy after he's taken so many times out for us. >> f
Search Results 0 to 10 of about 11